Advertising in the BBCN

Advertising in the BBCN is a cost efficient way for local businesses and organisations to promote their products and services.
Distributed to over 12,000 homes and businesses in Boronia and The Basin, the BBCN boasts one of the highest readerships of any community newspaper in Australia.
For advertising enquiries, please send an email to
For all advertising submissions/contributions please send an email to                               
Full Colour
The paper is currently produced in full colour and for the present time there is no
additional charge for colour advertisements.
Preferred Position
A 10% loading is applied for any specified page. However, with the exception of the Sponsor advertisement on the front page, no advertisements will be placed before page 4.
All advertisements are placed to the bottom of the page.
The BBCN is a community based, non profit organisation.
All accounts are payable in 14 days. However, in some instances the initial payment may be required in advance.
Goods & Services Tax
Goods and services tax is charged.
Advertising Enquiries
Keith Cree          
(03) 9762 2659
John Edgley
0401 684 498